• Academic Master Plan - Presidential Address
  • College of Engineering Trivandrum

    College of Engineering Trivandrum

  • Main Building DTE Kerala
  • TKM College of Engineering

    TKM College of Engineering

  • Academic Master Plan
  • Technical Higher Secondary School Vazhakkad

    Technical Higher Secondary School Vazhakkad

  • RIT Kottayam

    RIT Kottayam

  • Main Building DTE Kerala
  • Fine Arts College Trivandrum

    Fine Arts College Trivandrum

  • Government Polytechnic College Adoor

    Government Polytechnic College Adoor

  • Government Engineering College Idukki, Painavu

    Government Engineering College Idukki, Painavu

  • Spoken Tutorial (ST) programme, IIT Bombay
  • Main Building DTE Kerala

    Main Building DTE Kerala

  • Technical Higher Secondary School Vazhakkad
  • Government Polytechnic College, Kalamassery

    Government Polytechnic College, Kalamassery

ROLL of Directors

  • Dr Indira Devi
  • Dr Vijaya Kumar K

    Dr Vijaya Kumar (Oct 2014 - May 2017)[32nd]

  • Dr J Letha

    Dr J Letha (Apr 2011 - Oct 2014)[31st]

  • Dr K P Issac

    Dr K P Issac (15/06/09 31/3/11) [30th]

  • PUNEETH KUMAR IAS(15/9/08-15/6/09)

    PUNEETH KUMAR IAS(15/9/08-15/6/09)[29th]

  • Prof GEETHA K P (1/9/08-15/9/08)

    Prof GEETHA K P (1/9/08-15/9/08)[28th]

  • PUNEETH KUMAR IAS(16/8/08-31/8/208)

    PUNEETH KUMAR IAS(16/8/08-31/8/208)[27th]

  •  K SASHIDHARA IAS (19/5/08-16/8/08 )

    K  SASHIDHARA IAS (19/5/08-16/8/08 )[26th]

  • B S MAVOJI IAS (17/10/07 - 19/5/08 )

    B S MAVOJI IAS (17/10/07 - 19/5/08 )[25th]

  • V R PADMANABHAN IAS (3/5/07 - 16/10/07)

    V R PADMANABHAN IAS (3/5/07 - 16/10/07)[24th]




  • Prof S K MOHAN (23/04/07 -2/5/07 )

    Prof S K MOHAN (23/04/07 -2/5/07 )[23rd]


  • V R PADMANABHAN IAS (7/4/07-22/4/07)

    V R PADMANABHAN IAS (7/4/07-22/4/07) [22nd]

  • Prof S K MOHAN (3/1/05 - 6/4/07 )

    Prof S K MOHAN (3/1/05 - 6/4/07 )[21st]

  • DR DHARMISHTAN K (1/6/03 - 2/1/05)

    DR DHARMISHTAN K VARUGHEESE(1/6/03 - 2/1/05)[20th]

  • Prof (Ar) K K  GEORGE (1/4/02-31/5/03)

    Prof (Ar) K K  GEORGE (1/4/02-31/5/03)[19th]

  • DR R S MONI (1/4/01-31/3/02)

    DR R S MONI (1/4/01-31/3/02)[18th]

  • DR K NEELAKANTAN (1/6/98-31/3/01)

    DR K NEELAKANTAN (1/6/98-31/3/01)[17th]

  • DR K SIVARAMAN(14/2/95 - 31/5/98)

    DR K SIVARAMAN(14/2/95 - 31/5/98)[16th]

  • PROF T OOMMEN(1/4/94 - 13/2/95)

    PROF T OOMMEN(1/4/94 - 13/2/95)(15th)

  • DR K RAMACHANDRAN(25/5/93 - 31/3/94)

    DR K RAMACHANDRAN(25/5/93 - 31/3/94 (14th)

  • PROF M P NAIR(1/5/92 - 24/5/93)

    PROF M P NAIR(1/5/92 - 24/5/93)[13th]

  • Prof BABURAJ PRASEEDOM(1/4/92-30/4/92)

    Prof BABURAJ PRASEEDOM(1/4/92-30/4/92)][12nd]

  • DR R RAVIKUMAR(1991-92)

    DR R RAVIKUMAR(1991-92)[11th]

  • DR T  R JAYARAMAN(1987-91)[10th]

    DR T  R JAYARAMAN(1987-91)[10th]

  • DR T  S RAMANATHA IYER(1986-87)

    DR T  S RAMANATHA IYER(1986-87)[9th]

  • DR P J GEORGE (1982-86)

    DR P J GEORGE (1982-86) [8th]

  • DR S VASUDEV (1973-82)

    DR S VASUDEV (1973-82)[7th]

  • Dr C P KURIYAKOSE (1971-73)

    Dr C P KURIYAKOSE (1971-73) [6th]

  • Prof T C GEORGE (1969-71)

    Prof T C GEORGE (1969-71)[5th]


  • Prof K C CHAKO (1968-69)

    Prof K C CHAKO (1968-69) [4th]

  • Pro S RAJARAMAN (1961-68)

    Pro S RAJARAMAN (1961-68) [3rd]

  • DR M V KESAVARAO (1960-61)

    DR M V KESAVARAO (1960-61) [2nd]

  • V V Gopala Krishna IYER (1957-60)

    V V Gopala Krishna IYER (1957-60)[first]


Recent Orders

Spoken Tutorial

Spoken Tutorial (ST) programme, IIT Bombay is the Knowledge Partner of Directorate of Technical education Kerala , to provide Basic IT and Skill oriented IT/ Software courses to students for FREE of COST. Readmore


The State Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (formerly CDC )is the only centre of its kind in Kerala. It is established by the Govt. of Kerala in 1990 under the Technical Education Department for endorsing Technical Education in the state. Readmore


Vision and Mission

Directorate of Technical Education has to maintain and enhance the quality of technical education by laying the policies, establishing and developing Government Institutions, guiding and supervising the aided private institutions, interacting with industry and national level institutions, coordinating with other departments of State Government, Government of India, Statutory Organisations and to contribute to the development of industry, society at large.

Director's Profile

Dr. K.P. INDIRADEVI, Director of Technical Education, has a long  career of  31 years of service in teaching, research and administration in the Department of Technical Education, Government of Kerala, View Profile



The TrEST (Trivandrum Engineering, Sceince & Technology) Research Park is established to enhance Industry-Institute interaction and to promote fundamental and applied research. The TrEST Park is modelled in similar lines to Techno Park, but by giving emphasis to research rather than commercial activities. It is to encourage industries to establish their research centre in the Research Park....Readmore

A Transportation Engineering Research Center (TRC) is functioning in the Civil Engineering Department at College of Engineering Trivandrum. The TRC emphasizes on applied research & technology transfer inorder to enhance knowledge in the field of transportation.... Readmore

Centre for Engineering Research and Development is established in the campus of College of Engineering, Trivandrum, with the objective of   inculcating  research culture among the students and faculty. Readmore.






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